Welcome to Baking with Broadway, a baking blog sharing quick and easy, beginner-friendly recipes. Would you like to be more confident in the kitchen? We want to make you a star in the kitchen!

We love to bake. Baking is our stress relief, our joy, our time to breathe in the aromas from our oven. And what do we do while we bake? We listen to our favorite Broadway show tunes. The music and the performers inspire us, and we will use that energy to motivate each other in our kitchens.

We’ll be here with you every week, showing you how to bake our favorite recipes. We are here to listen to your thoughts about your favorite Broadway musicals, and to talk about what you would love to bake. By using simple ingredients, and with easy to follow recipes, we have transformed our baking skills, and Baking with Broadway can do the same for you!